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Something We Love: Musicians On Call

Musicians on Call

This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share something we love.  We support Musicians On Call at the local Baltimore Veteran’s Hospital.  Here’s what Trina had to say about it in a recent article:

Trina Coleman, a local professional musician who plays piano, ukulele and flute is a volunteer with Musicians On Call and visits the Baltimore VA Medical Center once a month, performing for several hours at patients’ bedsides. “It’s a scary thing to be sick and away from home,” Coleman said… Coleman appreciates the “amazing people,” she meets while volunteering as a musician. “The patients themselves can be so disarmingly fun,” she adds, noting that her favorite moment came when a patient who could barely speak or move started tapping his foot beneath the blanket and knocking his knuckles on the end of the bed to the beat of her rendition of the tune, “Stand by Me.”

“That’s why I’m there. To bring light into dark places, hope into the sorrowful eyes. Unlike playing a noisy bar or even a huge show at a local venue or festival, this is real, raw and true. It can often be more rewarding,” she said.  

For Trina, sharing music one-on-one with patients was a natural response after she experienced her own difficult time in a hospital stay.

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