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Our Full-Length Debut Album is Here… September 2015

A 103% Funded Indiegogo Project has left us so tremendously grateful. The work of recording practice, writing more instrumentation, and putting the microscope on each song begins. We commit to making the most spectacular, heartfelt album we can – and we are so overwhelmed at your support with it. We simply cannot thank our Backers enough.  Check back to this page for updates as this project comes to life.

Pass It On,

Trina, Zac, Tim, & Steve

May 5 Recording Update:

We are about 75% done the recording process!  We dove in for a solid week of recording (between gigs in Philly and NYC) and managed to lay down a major foundation for the project.  Our vocalists even came in that week, and impressed our engineering wizard with their skills.

Many shared meals and misspelled take-out orders made the time fly,  but we still managed to find time to goof off.


“Interstellar Mode”

June 1 Update

After hours of writing out parts, we brought in strings to add their magic on three of our songs.

June 22 Update

Indiegogo Projects are so complex. It’s amazing to have a powerful forum online to fundraise, but there’s a tremendous amount of planning beforehand, a huge project (you know, an album) in the middle, and there are a whole lot of perks to sort out on the back end. A lot.

Work began to fulfill perks even before our campaign had ended. The first Funders to receive perks had snagged tickets to our 8×10 or Germano’s shows a couple months back. Since then, we had some eager singers join us in the studio for the “gang vocals” perk. We planned to make it a great time for them, but they really brought the party to us. We LOVED every second. (PS – if you’re waiting for your shirt, some signed drumsticks, maybe even a song – the band’s totally on it).

July 5 Update

Photo shoot at a local site featuring some “modern day ruins” with the amazing Katie Vanarendonk.  Sneak an early glimpse ’cause you’ll have to wait to the see the rest…

August 5 Update

Our generous international supporters got their choice of cover song for a perk.  We were quite happy to oblige with a dose of French romance.

August 10 Update


Our album release concert is booked!  We’re taking it all back to where we started:  The gorgeous Mobtown Ballroom, Saturday September 19 at 8:00PM.  We have an incredible night of music, dancing, and surprises planned.  You have been with us through the entire album process, and we can’t wait to to celebrate with you.

Click here for tickets (Early bird sale price only available until August 22)

August 25 Update

September 1 Update

Heard yet?  Enjoy this free first peek at the project you helped create.

September 24 Final Update!

The project is done, the album release concerts completed.  We are grateful and, frankly, exhausted!

These Seeds - CD Cover RGB1

Here’s what our fans have said about the album thus far:

…Stunning and intelligent

…a cathartic musical experience to engage in many important emotions and process them in a filter of beauty

…so cohesive… it makes the album itself, not just the songs, a work of art!


What will you say?  Visit our online store, have a listen and find out.

For Album Song Lyrics, click here