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What’s a House Concert Anyway? A house concert is a chance to experience live music in a warm, intimate environment. It’s an invitation into a friend’s living room to share a performance by a favorite musician. It’s a chance to meet the performers and connect; a memorable social evening with friends and neighbors.

Can I host a concert if my house isn’t huge? Yes! That cozy feeling is all part of the charm. Think about your ideal event.  Would you like a more acoustic singer-songwriter show or full band dance party? We’ll cater our show to the host’s preference, and we can supply our sound system if needed.

Does it cost money to host a house concert? No one who wants to hear the music should be turned away. The guests pay for the music by a suggested donation basket at the door, which can be from $15-$20. It’s helpful to make an announcement during the break and even pass the basket to help the artist(s) make ends meet. In addition to providing the performance space, hosts often put performers up in their homes overnight.

How many people should I try to get to come? Your crowd can be as few as 15 in your living room or as many as 70 in your backyard. Often a smaller crowd makes for a more rewarding evening.

How would I start to plan? The bottom line is no stress. We agree on the date, then the time.  The host can whip up an email or Facebook event invite. Maybe it can be a potluck (hooray!) and the party is planned.

What is the schedule for the evening? It’s part party/part concert so guests can be invited an hour or so before the music starts. One to two hours of music works well, and a relaxed schedule makes for a better event. Breaks are optional depending on the length of the show.

What if I don’t want strangers in my house? No sweat. Just let us know whether you want to keep it a private event instead of us spreading the word to local fans. It can easily be listed as a private house concert on our band calendar so other folks can get jealous and plan one of their own…!

I’m totally in. How do I get your band to come to my house already? Complete our brief online booking request form or email with any further questions so we can plan this thing!

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